Conservatives Expose Vale’s Free-Swimming Postcode Lottery

Vale MP Alun Cairns and Conservative Councillors have highlighted the bizarre new rules taken up by the Vale Council which determine the qualification for free swimming.

Until recently, Barry residents over the age of 60 qualified for equal amounts of free-swimming at Barry Leisure Centre.

However, entitlement to free swimming now depends on the postcode residents fall under. Those living within CF63 are permitted to free swims from 1pm to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. In contrast, people living within the CF62 postcode are only allowed to swim between 1pm and 3pm on Wednesday.

Mr Cairns said, “I find it shocking that the Vale Council are splitting people in this way, which appears to be deeply unfair. They are splitting a community, with some people entitled to just a fraction of what their neighbours are. The Council really needs to take another look at this.”

Cllr Leighton Rowlands said, “The new approach is deeply disappointing; the Council is promoting an active and healthy Vale as part of their corporate plan but then restricting when people can go swimming using postcodes. The Council have said they are required to deliver free swimming to those areas that have the greatest levels of deprivation. However, deprivation can exist in different areas including in the CF62 postcode. Clearly this policy is for the few and not the many.”