Freeview Disruption

Local MP Alun Cairns has highlighted that mobile coverage across Barry and Vale is set to improve, with new 4G technology, offering much faster download speeds. He points out, however that a small number of local residents may see a slight television interference, for which filters will be made available. 

The Vale MP has told local papers that at800 will be sending out postcards to ensure TV viewers, including the elderly and vulnerable understand the situation and can continue to watch Freeview as new 4G mobile services are activated.

Alun said:

“There is a desperate need to improve mobile coverage across Barry and the Vale and I have been pushing for the latest 4G services for some time. This is great news but there is a small chance of television interference for a limited number of properties.

“The enhanced speeds will also offer a stop gap to those of us who are waiting for faster broadband speeds.

“There’s a very small possibility these new mobile signals may disrupt Freeview. at800 are able to help should viewers experience any new problems with their Freeview, such as pixelation, loss of sound or channels.

“For residents in buildings with a communal aerial system – where the antenna or aerial is not their responsibility – at800 provides landlords or property managers with support to resolve the problems. Television received via cable or satellite is not affected.”

“If any constituents do encounter any problems if they would like to contact my office I will be more than happy to help.”