Government Supports Veterans with Railcard

The UK Conservative Government has announced a new Railcard for military veterans, which will be launched on Armistice Day this year and Vale MP Alun Cairns is calling on all veterans to sign up to receive theirs.

The Veterans Railcard will be available from 11 November 2020, offering a third off train travel to more than 830,000 veterans who do not qualify for existing discounts. Initially, the card will cost £21 during an introductory period, before the price rises to £30.

Alun Cairns MP said, “In the Vale, we have a community of military veterans due to the presence of the base at St Athan who will benefit from the new Railcard. I’m calling on all veterans to make sure that they sign up to receive their Railcard and benefit from this initiative. They have bravely served our country keeping us safe and thoroughly deserve to be honoured.”