Inspiring Visit to Additional Learning Centre

Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns has visited Inspired Learners ahead of the launch of their new office space on Holton Road, Barry. The relocation into a different part of their current building will provide greater office space and an improved learning environment.

Inspired Learners has been set up by Specialist Teacher and Trainer Hayley Rees to provide tailored support to children with additional learning needs and to provide training for schools, so that they are better equipped to support their own pupils with such learning requirements. The type of needs that they provide for include dyslexia, speech and language, behavioural, numeracy and literacy needs. They are also aiming to provide services to develop resilience and improve wellbeing for learners.

Mr Cairns said that he was inspired by his visit to the learning centre, as he could see the high-quality service that vulnerable children would benefit from under the guidance of Inspired Learners.

The MP commented, “I’m really impressed with the service that the team at Inspired Learners are providing to support vulnerable children in our community and assisting learners with their mental health needs. Having recently met with Hayley at her offices on Holton Road, I can see that she has a passion for her work and I wish them all the best with the launch of their new offices next month.”

With a growing demand on the Local Authority, Inspired Learners believe that they can offer a direct and positive role in the delivery of support services that can complement the Local Authority’s work. Hayley Rees commented, “The committed team at Inspired Learners are excited about the services we are providing, and we aim to support more learners and families across the Vale of Glamorgan. We thank those who have supported us thus far and hope to continue to grow and support more learners.”

The launch of Inspired Learners new offices at 161 Holton Road, Barry, will take place on Thursday 16th May from 2pm.