Kiddie Winkles

Last week local MP Alun Cairns joined Kiddie Winkles Nursery to help celebrate their sixth birthday party. Kiddie Winkles is a community based children’s nursery based at in Crossways Methodist Church.

In celebration of their anniversary, Alun Cairns was asked to judge the best out of all the texture treasure chests that the children had spent time making.

The Vale MP commented.

“I was thrilled to be asked to judge the Treasure Chest Competition at Kiddie Winkles. The standards were all very high and it was tough to choose the winner.

I was hugely impressed with the standards of learning at Kiddie Winkles Nursery. After interacting with the children and meeting some of their parents, it is clear that Kiddie Winkles offers children a safe and supportive environment to learn and develop as well as to have fun.

Anyone who is interested in joining this fantastic group is encouraged to contact Jane Elridge on 07855369601.

I congratulate the Kiddie Winkles team and children on their nursery and wish them all the success for the future.”