Major Budget Boost for Wales

In yesterday’s Budget announcement, Wales received a significant cash boost for spending to support key public services like health and education and to keep our economy growing.

The Budget statement handed Wales the biggest cash increase in over 10 years and a major pay increase for the lowest paid. 

Local MP Alun Cairns said that key spending themes that will have a local impact are extra money to tackle Coronavirus and more cash for flood defences. A major increase in spending for roads and broadband will also support the economy as well as a significant package to reduce Business Rates. 

Mr Cairns said, “Many self-employed and local workers will be pleased at the package of support made available to them and their business through the uncertainty of Coronavirus. Clearly, the NHS obviously needs extra cash but we also need to keep people in jobs.  Sick pay will be paid earlier and more people are being made eligible for the benefit. 

Alun Cairns added “This major increase in money for schools and hospitals should allow the Welsh Government to level up the spend per pupil in our schools and to protect the Sam Davies ward at Barry Hospital and our GP out of ours service. 

“The business rate package will protect our High Streets and will play a key part in keeping our shops and local businesses open. 

“The National Living Wage will be increased by more than 6%, when inflation is only 1.8%.  This will be a real terms increase for the lowest paid.  Added to the increase in National Insurance Allowance, will make a real difference to the take home pay of local families.

“We promised that we’d get things done. This is a big step forward.”