MP's Urgent Call to Council Over Boverton Construction Works

Boverton business owners are calling on the Council and site contractors to clarify the timetable for the completion of the construction work taking place in the village.


The construction work which is taking place to prevent flooding, is taking much longer than previously anticipated, with the end date now widely believed to be in April of this year, despite the original timetable indicating that the work would be completed before Christmas 2017.


Alun Cairns has joined Gaynor and Simon Jones of Simon’s Plaice and Mr & Mrs Vithiyathran of Boverton Post Office with an urgent plea to the Council to support the village’s business owners whilst the work is taking place. The Vale MP is calling for a realistic and clear timetable for the completion of the remainder of the construction work as well as greater support for the businesses in order that their trading no longer be hindered.


Mr Cairns has expressed his disappointment over the treatment of the Boverton business owners, saying “I have visited the businesses in Boverton on a number of occasions whilst the work has been undertaken and each time the business owners were reasonable and understanding of the need for this work to go ahead. They are now understandably frustrated that the end date of the work keeps being pushed back, with very little communication as to what support is available to allow them to run their businesses as normally as possible.”


He continued, “It is not at all fair that the future of businesses in Boverton should be threatened due to a lack of clarity over the work being undertaken. In light of this, I am contacting the Council as well as the site contractors as a matter of urgency to clarify the timetable for the completion of the work. Small business owners are pivotal to any local economy – I want to ensure that in the Vale of Glamorgan they are supported in every possible way.”