Save the Glamorgan Gem

Please join the campaign to Save the Glamorgan Gem!

On Tuesday 4th August, Tindle Newspapers confirmed their plans to close the Glamorgan Gem.

Commenting on the news, Vale MP Alun Cairns said:

“The news that the Glamorgan Gem is due to close is a body blow to the Vale community. There are so many community groups and organisations that depend on it to promote their activities and also businesses that depend on the advertising it provides. The Glamorgan Gem is what brings the community together so that everyone knows what’s going on."

He added, "I’m determined to do everything to fight it and will leave no stone unturned. There’s a Facebook page ‘Save the Glamorgan Gem’ which I encourage you to like and share your positive messages on. Also, if you’re an advertiser, please email Tindle Newspapers on to ensure that they know that you’re still keen to advertise in the Glamorgan Gem.”

Following the news, a community campaign has been set up encouraging people, from readers to advertisers, to write to Tindle head office to show the strength of support for the Gem in the Vale of Glamorgan. Please help our fight to save the Glamorgan Gem by writing to and by joining the Facebook page which is helping to coordinate activity.