Thanks for Respectful Brexit Meeting

Column in the Barry & District News by Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP

At the weekend I held another Public Meeting on Brexit to explain what’s gone on and discuss ways forward, following the developments in Parliament.

There is no doubt that Brexit is the biggest issue of our time. It’s going to shape our country for a long time to come and have a significant impact on people and businesses in the Vale. Therefore, I feel it’s important to offer feedback on how it’s progressing in Parliament and any challenges we face.

This meeting was a great opportunity to discuss Brexit in an open forum, allowing constituents to voice their views and have a candid discussion about the ways forward. I have already held a number of public meetings, however I want to ensure there is ongoing dialogue as with each passing week the Parliamentary arithmetic is changing.

I want to thank the many people who attended, particularly for the respectful way they approached the meeting. The room was packed with people that hold differing views on Brexit ranging from leaving without a deal and on WTO terms, accepting the Prime Minister’s Deal, further negotiation with the EU and even holding a second referendum. Given the splits on Brexit amongst those present, I am grateful that everyone remained level headed and tried to engage politely. Of course, some moments of emotion are to be expected but in the main it was a positive meeting.

I also want to thank the many constituents who emailed me to say that they unfortunately could not make the meeting but appreciated that it was being held.

Finally, thank you to the team at Wyndham Conservative Club in Barry for hosting the meeting. It was a great venue and I greatly appreciate the Club for accommodating at such short notice.