Top Beauty Brand Set for Barry Return in Goodsheds Development

Local MP Alun Cairns has said that he is delighted with the ongoing regeneration in Barry and that the plan to attract further jobs to the town is progressing well. 

The innovative new Goodsheds development on Barry Waterfront, which will be the first of its kind, has a host of exciting businesses ready to set up at the site, including some globally recognised names.

The Goodsheds will welcome home renowned beauty brand Spectrum Collections which originally set up in Barry. Despite moving away from the town, Spectrum have kept close links and sponsored the very first Barry Pride event in September 2019. Residents, workers and visitors to the Goodsheds will also be treated to food from Michelin star chef James Sommerin who is setting up a restaurant on site.

It will be the UK’s first new urban high street and is scheduled to open on 1st June 2020. With 40 businesses ready to go, it is designed to offer a space in which people can live, work and play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The new development has been welcomed by Vale MP Alun Cairns, who recognises the impact it will have on the town’s regeneration. The Vale MP said, “This will be huge for our community and plays a significant role in my plan for regenerating Barry. I’m absolutely delighted that Spectrum will return to Barry. It was a real shame when they had to leave in order to expand – this development demonstrates that it is creating the space needed for local businesses to grow and be successful.”

The developer behind Goodsheds, Simon Baston, has said, “I’m really excited about creating a first of its kind development where people have the opportunity to live, work and play, 24/7, in such close proximity. Ensuring that it’s delivered with low carbon footprint and offers an attractive place for business to set up, has not been done like this before.”