Vale MP Visits New Productivity-Boosting Cow Shed

Alun Cairns MP has visited local farmer Abi Reader at her farm in Wenvoe to see her new state-of-the-art cow shed. The new shed promises to be a major improvement on the living environment for Abi’s dairy cows and aims to boost productivity.

Abi, who is President of Glamorgan NFU Cymru, has committed to this significant investment, which through making her cows more comfortable will help to maximise their output. The new shed will house 120 cows and contains mattresses which provide comfortable surfaces for them to rest on, and bendy stalls which will protect against bumps and knocks.

Mr Cairns said, “It was really interesting to learn about how the new shed will accommodate Abi’s cows in a modern environment and how this not only boosts their welfare but can actually help to improve her business. I want our farmers in the Vale to continue to uphold the highest standards of animal welfare possible, while also running successful businesses which showcase our excellent agricultural sector. Abi is doing a fantastic job of this and it’s a pleasure to support the work she is doing.”

Abi commented, “It was great to be able to show Alun the recent investments we’ve made in state of the art winter housing for 120 dairy cows. This has allowed us to move the cows out of their early 1900s stone barn into 21st century accommodation complete with ‘bendy’ stalls, extra springy mattresses (and pillows!!) and even giant cow brushes for scratching their backs.”

Consistently keen to improve on animal welfare in her farm, Abi said, “This is a huge leap forward for the business by continuing to improve welfare, and because of this we can also demonstrate how we are lowering our carbon footprint for every pint of milk we produce. My business has committed to the long term future of food production in Wales and I hope Alun ensures the UK Government continues to do the same.”