Vale MP Welcomes Decision to Refuse Telephone Mast

The Planning Inspectorate has decided to dismiss the appeal to site a telephone mast at the Knap.


CTIL, a joint venture between Vodafone and Telefonica, applied for a 12.5m high mast at the entrance to the Knap Lake Gardens which was rejected by the Vale Council. The company appealed the decision through the Planning Inspectorate, who have now decided to reject the appeal.


The decision to dismiss the appeal has been welcomed by local campaigners and Vale MP, Alun Cairns, who objected to the application to put the mast at the Knap. Mr Cairns has also been working with Focus Barry and other local campaigners to find a solution that suits the needs of residents. The alternatives he has discussed include sites along the railway line.


Mr Cairns is due to meet with representatives from Vodafone again this month and says that he will use the opportunity to discuss alternative locations. He has also expressed the importance of protecting key features of the local area when deciding on projects of this nature.


The Vale MP said, “I’m very pleased that this decision has been reached. It’s a victory for residents who want to protect the Knap Gardens and I’m pleased to have worked with Focus Barry and others on this important issue. This, as with many things, comes down to finding the right location and the Knap was clearly unsuitable for a mast.”


“I recognise the importance of securing better mobile signal but there must not be a trade-off between improved service and protecting the character of the local area. I remain determined to help deliver better signal for residents and I’ll now be meeting with Vodafone to look at the next step in finding a suitable location for the mast.”