Council: Bin Collection Survey

From July, the Vale's Labour Council has no longer collected black bags every two weeks. Instead collecting every three weeks!

On top of this, the Vale Council also no longer collects garden waste from homes for free. Instead making residents subscribe to a new chargeable service!

Alun Cairns commented...

These changes will continue to have a harmful impact on the cleanliness of our streets and homes. I want to hear your views on how these changes have impacted you so I can challenge the Council on the improvement of the important local service.

Let me know your views in the survey below.

Council Bin Collections Survey

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1) Do you agree with the changes to black bag collections?
2) How often do you feel black bag collections should be?
3) Which of the following do you think will be made worse by the changes?
5) Do you agree with charging for garden waste collections?
6) Vale's Labour Council has increased council tax above the rate of inflation. Considering this, do you believe these changes to bin collections are necessary?
7) How do you rate the Vale Labour Council's value for money? (5 = great value for money)