My Plan

Higher council tax, bus funding cut, garden waste charges, less frequent black bag collections, and increased charges for businesses - to name a few! Our Labour Welsh Government and Labour Vale Council have given Vale residents no value for money. Standing up for residents across the Vale of Glamorgan continues to be my plan!

My plan for the Vale of Glamorgan sets out six key priorities on delivery that I have identified by talking to local residents: creating a better Vale by improving local transport links, supporting local businesses, protecting our environment, improving local infrastructure, supporting young people, and attracting investment into the local area by delivering a Barry Marina.

  • The Regeneration of Barry

    My plan for a Barry Marina is part of our 'Levelling Up' ambitions to help boost our local economy by attracting further investment and jobs.

  • Supporting Local Transport Links

    I am a massive supporter of local transport services, and I understand how vital they are to people across the Vale. New routes, more reliable services, cheaper fares, and a range in available transport methods are all vital.

  • Supporting Local Businesses

    Attracting investment to the Vale of Glamorgan has been, and continues to be, a priority for me. A priority for me is boosting the local economy, securing jobs for local people, and welcoming new businesses to the area.

  • Protecting Our Environment

    I believe passionately in safeguarding our natural environment for future generations. To pass on green spaces to the next generation, protecting our precious environment from the risk of overdevelopment across the Vale of Glamorgan is therefore vitally important.

  • Improving Local Infrastructure

    Bringing together all parts of the Vale, better connecting and serving people from across the local area through improvements in healthcare provision, broadband, and transport links is vital. 

    New Healthcare Centre for Llantwit Major