St Athan: Train Station Survey

The UK Government has now committed to a St Athan Train Station and funding for the next stage of the process. But we need YOUR help to keep up the momentum...


This is a major step forward in the plan for a station. Alun Cairns and local Councillor Steve Haines welcomed the Secretary of State for Transport (pictured) to St Athan to meet community leaders at the Three Horseshoes Pub, so they could ask questions on the funding made available and plans for the station. 


Frustratingly, the Labour Welsh Government and Vale Council didn't apply for funding when it was initially available. Instead choosing to prioritise elsewhere. Vale MP, Alun Cairns, has had to work with the Department for Transport to overrule them and secure funding for a St Athan Train Station.


Alun Cairns has championed a train station for St Athan for many years and is delighted that the project has gained funding to move to the next stage of development. This will look at the specific location, the demand, and the style of the station. The work will be done by Network Rail.  


Alun Cairns commented:

I am so pleased that the Department for Transport has committed this funding. A new station will be transformational for St Athan. There is still a lot of work to do, but this is a major step forward.

I want to see this built as soon as possible but of course, we have to go through this process.” 


To help show demand for the St Athan Train Station, please fill out the short survey below.




St Athan Train Station Survey

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1) Do you support Alun’s campaign for a St Athan Train Station?
2) How will having a train station in St Athan benefit you?
3) How frequently do you currently use the trains?
4) How frequently will you use the trains when there is a St Athan Train Station?
5) The Welsh Government have recently delayed the Vale's half hourly train service again. Do you support Alun's campaign to introduce this?