Local MP calls on mobile Giants to improve Vale Network

Local MP Alun Cairns has challenged mobile phone operators to fill in the not spots around the Vale of Glamorgan, particularly the area covering the Vale Business Park in Llandow. 

The Business Park, like many of the other areas in the Vale struggling with network coverage,  is home to dozens of local businesses who are reliant on mobile coverage to operate.

Alun Cairns said: “it is outrageous that with today’s modern technology, such a vast number of areas throughout the Vale do not have access to any mobile coverage.  There are problems with some networks in and around Cowbridge too, which is one of our major towns!

“I have contacted the major mobile operators to ask them to update me on the work they are undertaking to improve the network.

“I am looking forward to working with the various providers to ensure all is done to improve the network in the area.  We must always be sensitive to mast location but there are always ways of finding solutions with today’s technology.”