Moulton Pub Still Open for Business During Roadworks

The Three Horseshoes in Moulton has given customers assurance that they remain open for business, despite the partial closure of the Five Mile Lane. The owner of the pub, Richard Peter, met with Vale MP Alun Cairns to discuss and publicise the alternative routes available to customers.

On Monday 7th January, the Five Mile Lane (Waycock Road) closed to all northbound traffic from Waycock roundabout to the Welsh Hawking Centre, which has led to concerns on how the closure will negatively impact on their business.

The road closure is due to be in place for 12 weeks as work is undertaken to upgrade and widen Waycock Road, leading many to speculate that the road will be closed entirely.

Much to Richard’s concern, inaccurate comments have been circulating that the pub would be closed for the period of the closure and that there would be no road access to Moulton. In response, the Three Horseshoes have produced a map displaying the current route from Barry.

While customers travelling from the A48 will not be affected, customers travelling from Barry will be unable to use the Five Mile Lane as usual. The pub have, therefore, released a map showing the best alternative route to the pub from Barry, which will take only around 5 minutes longer than using the Five Mile Lane, according to Mr Peters.

Mr Peter said, "We want to set the record straight and let our customers know that the Three Horseshoes remains open despite the road closure and the team and I look forward to greeting customers with our usual warm welcome. We're really pleased to hear that the alternative route has not caused as many problems as people first thought and we hope that many more continue to join us while the closure is in place."

Vale MP, Alun Cairns, has been working to support Mr Peters and urges customers to continue to support the independent pub.  Following a visit to the Three Horseshoes, Mr Cairns said, “It’s really important that people have the right information about the partial road closure. When I travelled there it was much easier than I’d anticipated.”

He added, “I’m delighted to support the Three Horseshoes and make sure they are not forgotten during the road closure. Richard has done a fantastic job to ensure that his pub plays a vital part in the local community. When he’s invested in the pub, he’s been sure to use local suppliers, local contractors and has tried to keep money in the local economy. In terms of the day to day, he sources his food from local farms and this shows the pub’s commitment to our community.”