MP Checks Into 'Bee Hotel'

Wenvoe Wildlife Group this week opened up their ‘Bee Hotel’ to Welsh Secretary and Vale MP Alun Cairns.


This ‘Bee Hotel’, situated at Goldsland Farm, Wenvoe, is one of the largest in Wales with capacity to house thousands of bees during the most crucial stage of their pollination process. The structure, made primarily of bamboo and logs, provides a safe space for bees of multiple species and protects the pollinators from accidental destruction by humans or animals.


During the visit, leading Wenvoe Wildlife Group activist Bruce McDonald explained that the ‘Bee Hotel’ is not only ideal for safeguarding pollinators from external interruptions, but also acts as a wonderful focal point to observe the activities of the bees. To promote education on the protection of wildlife, the group gives pupils from the local primary school in Wenvoe the opportunity to visit the conservation site to witness the pollination being undertaken by the bees.


Leading Welsh dairy-farmer, Abi Reader, who farms at Goldsland has donated over an acre of land to Wenvoe Wildlife Group for their conservation and observational activities. She explained “it is fantastic to have the group on site, using land that is otherwise too wet for livestock. As a farmer I know first-hand how fundamental it is that the environment is protected and that education on wildlife is promoted. The group do so excellently and I am therefore delighted to host this fantastic initiative.”


Following the visit to the ‘Bee Hotel’, Mr Cairns praised Wenvoe Wildlife Group for their active approach to protecting bees. He said, “Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in the security of our food supply and the quality of our environment. That is why the work of activists such as Bruce and the Wenvoe Wildlife Group is invaluable, not only to keep the bees safe but also to encourage wider education on the importance of the preservation of the environment.


“Their efforts work effectively in conjunction with Government’s National Pollinator Strategy which lays out plans to improve understanding of the status and role of pollinators, increase the area of habitat available to pollinators as well as raise awareness of their importance.


“I am delighted that local farmers like Abi are accommodating great wildlife groups such as the one in Wenvoe. They are setting a fantastic example of how we can all work together positively to protect all aspects of the environment.”


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